Use of Landsat images (free) in your GIS

When we think of accessible data to integrate into our GIS, we hardly think of satellite data. And yet, it is possible, and just a few clicks away.

Let’s see an example. The following images represent the state of the vegetation for the islands of the Gulf of Morbihan, on the left for July 2014, on the right for March 2015. If we wish, we can obtain images every 15 days, the most just one week old.

ndvi juillet morbihan

ndvi mars morbihan

Findin, recovering and processing them in just 5 minutes. So, why deprive yourself?  Continue reading “Use of Landsat images (free) in your GIS”

How to join data from Excel to an attribute table in QGis

The present topic is meant as a brief review since the possibility of loading and attach Excel tables was introduced by QGis 1.8.
As we do not follow the general logic, for new users it is not easy to find the answer. So, step by step, how to make a join between a spatial layer (we’ll take an example here with a shapefile) and a non-spatial table like Excel (with or without XY fields). Continue reading “How to join data from Excel to an attribute table in QGis”