How to rectify the geometry of a Postgis table

We have already discussed the topic of geometry validation through a series of articles (in french):

In this article we will discuss, in detail, how to detect and rectify geometric problems in a PostgreSQL / Postgis table using SQL queries.
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Start with PostgreSQL / Postgis -Introduction to pgAdmin 4

Following up a previous article (Débuter avec Postgres/Postgis ), we will address an introduction to Postgres/postgis database management. We will load a shapefile, connect and load the Postgis layer from QGis.

The most  suitable method to manage PostgreSQL databases is by using the pgAdmin4 GUI.

This tool is setup automatically during PostgreSQL installation. You can launch it from the programme bar:

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Geoserver avanzado: el teselado (puesta en práctica)

En el artículo anterior (Geoserver avanzado: las teselas (principios)) vimos los diferentes conceptos para el teselado de mapas.

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Advanced Geoserver : tiling (quick start)

In the previous article (Advanced Geoserver: tiling (principles) we have explored the different concepts regarding the tiling mapping.
In this article we will discuss how to implement those applications using Geoserver.
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