The spatial-temporal cube of ArcGis : 1- discovery

One of the domains of GIS where still remains a lot to be done is the field of temporal analysis  . While almost all the available tools focus on the spatial evolution of a phenomenon, we are left helpless when trying to visualize or analyse a phenomenon that changes as a function of time as well.

For some time, we have the support of animation tools that allow us to see a sequence of maps and perceive the change over time. Regardless of how useful they are for communication, they are useless to perform a serious data analysis. In this series of articles, we will discuss new  ArcMap and ArcGis Pro tools available  in the form of a Toolkit Tools model for the  spatial-temporal exploration (Time Pattern Mining). An example has been selected in order to process, at first with ArcGis Pro, and, later, with ArcMap. Continue reading “The spatial-temporal cube of ArcGis : 1- discovery”