Using R in QGis treatment

At present most GIS software, including ArcGIS, QGIS, GRASS and other industrial applications as well as open source, use Python as scripting language and complement for plugins. This language is also used for programming needs that can increase the spatial analysis functions and the spatial processing.

In the follow up of this logic, a recent integration of the statistic R package was performed to use in QGIS. The users can access to the library of Space R analysis (increasingly used) in the processing panel.

Although R is essentially a set of statistics, its use has been extended to a number of areas, such as natural language processing. This library also features strong tools for spatial analysis, including point distributions analysis and Bayesian modelling geostatistics. It can read and manage a variety of vector and raster data, including shape files, NetCDF and GDAL. Continue reading “Using R in QGis treatment”