Add Orfeo Toolbox to QGis 3.X

If you have used the processing provider Orfeo TB with QGis 2.X and you look for it in the new version 3, you will be disappointed. Indeed, the Orfeo plugin rewriting has taken a little more time than expected and it is, not any longer,included in the plugins installed by default.

Here is the procedure to follow.

Nevertheless, it will come back, once all the tests are carried out. But in the meantime, you do not have to stop using it. You, actually, can install Orfeo in version 3, but manually.

Download the Orfeo library Download the matching version for your operational system in the following address

Unzip the downloaded file, and copy the uncompressed directory(OTB-6.6.0- Win64) in a directory of your C drive. You can rename this directory but take a note of its location and name since you will need them for the Qgis processing provider configuration.

In our example let’s say we copy it directly on c: and we rename it as
”   OTB   “. Therefore you will have a c: / OTB directory.

The content of this directory is the Orfeo library. Now you have to download the files that configure the Orfeo plugin for QGis.

Download the Orfeo plugin files

Go to the following address

Download the directory and unzip the resulting zip file.

Copy the contents of the directory qgis- otb -plugin-master in a new directory that you have to create on your c: disk and that you will name, COMPULSORY,c: \ qgis-plugins \ qgis-otb-plugin You must get the following file structure:   

The installation is completed. Now, we have to carry out the plugin configuration.

Orfeo processing configuration in QGis

In the Processing toolbar, click the Options button. In the window Options
select tab Processing.   

Orfeo ToolBox (OTB) appears now as processing provider.

  • Check the Activate box to activate the feature.
  • In the OTB application folder field click the search button (…) and go to directory / lib / OTB / applications in the directory where you have installed the library . In our example we have selected c: / OTB. We must re-enter c: / OTB / lib / OTB / applications
  • In the OTB folder field enter the directory where you have installed the library. In our case c: / OTB
  • Click OK.

If you have made a mistake when filling the directories, you will find an explicit error message and the Activate box will be unchecked automatically.Once the processing provider is correctly configured, you will see the list of Orfeo processing in the processing panel.  

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