ArcHydro: how to model the water resources of a territory: 1-Install

ArcHydro Presentation

ArcHydro is a set of data models and tools that work under ARCGis to support the data analysis of superficial water resources.

You can use ArcHydro to delineate and characterize the watershed lines, define and analyze the hydrogeometric network, manage the chronological data and export data to digital models.

ArcHydro consists in two key :

  • the ArcHydro data model;
  • the ArcHydro tools.

These two components build a database and a set of tools that assist the analysis performed in the hydrological resources environment. ArcHydro is intended to provide the initial basic features, which can be improved by the addition of the required database structures, and features required by a specific task or application.

The ArcHydro tools work in the ArcGIS environment. Some of the features require the SpatialAnalyst extension. Most of the tools are available via the ArcHydro tool bar, where they are organized according their features into six menus and nine tools. Other tools have been developed in the geoprocessing environment and are available in the ArcHydro toolbox and can be used both for ArcMap and ArcCatalog.

The ArcHydro tools have two main objectives. The first one is to assign attributes KeywordsHydro in the Arcdata model. These attributes constitute the basis for further analysis. They include key identifiers (such as Hydroid, DrainID, NextDownID, etc) and measurement attributes (such as LengthDown). The second ones is to provide some basic features often used in Hydrological resources applications. It includes the delineation of watersheds based on the NTM, the creation of networks and the tracing based on attributes. To download the data model version 2.0 and ArcHydro tools for ArcGIS 10.X
The site suggests the available ArcHydro versions for 10.0, 10.1, 10.2.1 and 10.2.2, and even for 10.3.



Clicking on the ArcGis that best suits you, you will find two possible downloads:

  • the first is a 32-bits version
  • the second is a 64 –bits version

Once the file is downloaded just double click on it to install the extension. It includes three elements:

  • a tool bar
  • two toolboxes

In future articles we will discuss how to build, step by step, the watershed territories using ArcHydro.



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