New ArcMap tools : Points to line

Since delivery of the 10.3 version, there are some
new ArcMap tools available that deserve to be
better known . Here is a
of articles regarding their description.

Firstly, we will discuss the “Points to
line” tool,  You,
 know the procedure for integrating
table of points, in text format or Excel, as a layer of
points in Arcmap . If this is
not the case , it will be described a little further in
this article. What is less
that you can as well incorporate
tables containing rows as series of points, such as GPS routes. Let’s
see for example a bathymetry

file containing
information is an Excel table such as :  

The only difference with a classic
scoreboard it is the
existence of a field ( here Ident) that allows us to
identify the different lines . Therefore
, if it does not exist , our procedure will
line from the first point up until the last one of the table.
cons if we have a field with the information
to a specific line, the procedure will create
line for each value of this field.
above example, a line will be created by
the coordinates of lines 2 to 19 (Ident = 0), then a
using the coordinates 20 to 24 (Ident = 1).

Let’s discuss how to do it.

In the first place we have to load the table into Arcmap as a point table following the classical procedure:

Click the Arcmap add data buttom, browse the files to point your Excel
file, double-click to open the sheets and select the one containing the data .

Note : you can use this same procedure by using a
file text csv

In the context menu of the new layer , select DisplayXYdata..

the settings window, specify which fields include the X and Y coordinates, and
the coordinate system used .  

will get a warning message indicating that the layer does not include an
internal identifier . Click OK

event layer in the form of points is displayed .

Let’s go back to the warning message . Perhaps ESRI will think to solve this
problem . But for the time being , the layer created can be displayed but cannot
serve as input of almost no treatment . You will get an error message indicating
that the treatment cannot be performed because of the lack identifier .

Therefore, we have to save our XY events layer as a shapefile or a geodatabase

Right click on the XY Events Layer> Data-> Export Data

The resulting layer including the
internal identifiers, is displayed .

It’s on this layer where we will use the Points to
lines tool of the Toolbox.

Go to Toolbox ->DataManagement->GametoolsEntities-> Pointstolines

Select the input layer and name the output layer.

You have three optional parameters.

If none is filled in , the tool will create a single line , starting
with the first record till the last recording .

If you set a line field field, the tool will create an independent
 line for each value different from this

If you set a field sort field , the table will be first sorted
in function of the values of this field, before building the lines.

The option Close Line , will create automatically a
segment between the first point   and the last point of a line . You can, then,
 use the entities towards
polygons tool and create surfaces from your layer of lines .

The three options can be used jointly or not . In all cases, the order of
execution is :

  • sorting records following the Sort field , if is informed ;
  • creating lines by cutting the Line
    field field, if is informed ;
  • the closure of each line by creating the last point segment – first point

Here is the result of the tool on our example :   

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