ArcHydro: how to model the water resources of a territory: 1-Install

ArcHydro Presentation

ArcHydro is a set of data models and tools that work under ARCGis to support the data analysis of superficial water resources.

You can use ArcHydro to delineate and characterize the watershed lines, define and analyze the hydrogeometric network, manage the chronological data and export data to digital models. Continue reading “ArcHydro: how to model the water resources of a territory: 1-Install”

KML: Getting Started

KML(Keyhole Markup Language) is an XML data format used to display information in a geographical context. Just as Web browsers read and display HTML files,  land-based browsers such as Google Earth read and display KML files. KML is a language readable byeveryone , composed of text and punctuation . It can be created and edited through a basic text editor, saved, and then previewed in a land-based browser . You do not need to be a wizard to master the basics of KML, and you’ll notice than this knowledge will make it possible to create powerful presentations that depict your geographical data and images on the numerous land-based free browsers such as : Google Earth, Microsoft Virtual Earth, NASA WorldWind, ArcGisExplorer, .. Continue reading “KML: Getting Started”