Note: Even though the French version of this article dates back to 2012, most
of its content is, still, valid

Geographical information computer systems coaching in a nutshell:

  • Access to a high level expert
  • Get support in the long run to complete your strategic projects.
  • An experience resource by your side that will be an integral part of your structure.
  • An investment   wage reduced thanks to the flexibility of the time used .
  • The guarantee to abide by the best practice in GIS, coaches being at  the same time users , developers and advisors .

Between the daily management (software installations, workstations installation,
data management)   and having a clear and long- term vision of its geographical
information system, there is a world of difference.

It is essential to achieve an overall vision without being caught by the
daily management. The main challenge is to find solutions that adapt to your
specific needs or those of users in general, while successfully integrating the
available tools. A strategic vision allows and reduces significantly the time
and cost to integrate new solutions in the geographical information system.

Obviously , the  IT tools have a
certain cost, due to licenses and human resources. But if wisely used they can be
actual tools for value creation. This is the mission of the Computer Coach.

If you already have a complete GIS with a GIS manager in place, the
coaching formula allows you to receive high level independent support to help your
decision – making be it projects or strategic decisions. If you are considering
setting up a GIS, the coaching allows you to realize work in advance of a call offer
or an architectural choice.

Coaching allows real economies of scale, with a reduced payroll, by cost
variability according to the needs, by lower training costs, and especially by improved
return on investment of developed solutions.

The efficiency of the approach relies on the experience of the stakeholders
and the quality of the advice. GIS solutions are increasingly complex and the
IT Coach has the training, certification and experience needed to guide you to
the strategic choice.

The security of the process is revealed by controlling budgets and the systematic
quality analysis. The base is coaching the systematic production of
documentation and information sharing to ensure continuity of service.

Unlike an IT expert , the coach will provide you expertise in
multi-skills without increasing the costs .

Independently from any publisher , constructor or integrator , your GIS
Coach is not only by your side, he is on your side . By being in charge of your
goals and your needs, he is an integral part of your structure.

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