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Historical reminder

gvSIG was born in 2004 at the Spanish Council for Infrastructure and
Transport, as part of an OpenSource ( gvPontis ) migration tool. Its main objective was to make available a complete GIS to replace the GIS ”   editor   “. It consists of two general products: gvSIG Desktop for PCs and gvSIG Mobile for mobile tools .

Technical characteristics .

gvSIG is one of the most complete GIS by combining functions powerful data editing
vector functions scanning tools with automatic binding,
and generation of the necessary topology, a configurable location map tool
that allows having a general view of the workplace, etc.
It is a GIS multi- platform (Linux, Mac OS, Windows), multi-language, with an ergonomic and configurable interface , which relies on OGC standards.

Its difference .

Technically it fulfills , pretty much , the same features as QGis or MapWindows . What makes it special is the spirit of the project . gvSIG does not consider the technical aspect of GIS as the main factor in its development . It proposes another way to design development information systems : it takes in consideration, not only, the technique but, also, the economics and politics . gvSIG proposes to “start up” an alternative production model to the traditional one, based on the speculation of knowledge acquired .   This new model would be based on cooperation and
solidarity, to allow producing more, better and in a more fair way.
The gvSIG project considers that in most OpenSource projects, the software becomes an end in itself , and, consequently, loosing their interest. gvSIG considers that the technical
arguments should not be the only ones to lead an OpenSource project.
It is this different conception from the OpenSource project, driven by territorial communities in Spain but as well in America Latin , that makes gvSIG a more comprehensive for the French territorial communities .

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