How to create a geographic PDF file with ArcGis

A geographic PDF file contains the information required for the
geographic reference location data. When importing geographical data into a PDF
file, Acrobat keeps the geographic coordinates . They allow you to visualize
and interact in the PDF document to find and label the location data.

The geographical data can be vector or pixelated or both. Once the geographical data are imported into Acrobat, you can make use of them in different ways , either to:

  • Find and indicate the coordinates of the place.
  • Measure a distance,
    a perimeter or an area on a map.
  • Change the measurement units and the coordinate system.
  • Check the attributes of the entities integrated in the document

We will discuss how to create this type of
document with ArcMap as well as the result obtained .

Let’s take as example a quite complex ArcMap document , with current data .

create the document, click File-> Export Map

Go to Type , select pdf
Then in the advanced tab:
Check the box Export map georeferencing information

In Layer and attributes select the option Export PDF layers
attributes entity

The document is created .

We will now see how to make the most of it with  Adobe Acrobat.  Open the document:

In order to view the geographical position under the cursor when you move on the map:

Click on Edit -> Analysis -> Geospatial location tool

A window appears and lets you see the Geographic
coordinates under the cursor:  

To view the attributes of the exported entities in the pdf document:

Click Edit -> Analysis -> Object Data Tool

By clicking on the map, all integrated entities appear surrounded by a
rectangle, and three windows open on the left of the window .

In the top window you have the list of entities present . In the bottom
window , you have the attributes of the current entity selected .

You can select an entity in the top window, it will appear surrounded by
a rectangle on the map and you will have its attributes in the bottom window .

You can click on a map entity she will appear in
fat in the upper window and you will his attributes in the bottom window .   

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