How to export an ArcMap document (mxd) to Google Earth ( kmz )

Most likely you know
to export an ArcMap
layer in kml or kmz
to display them in Google Earth.

, did you know it is
possible to export directly an
entire map ?

Here’s how.

The tool is available
the toolbox and requires only mxd input file and the location and name you
for the kmz file.

Therefore you can use it
as such on any ArcMap
project . Nevertheless, it is worth “cleaning”
a little your document.

You have to pay attention to a
couple of things:

The first: since you are going
overlap your document layers on Google Earth it is
not useful to display the layers that can be
worth for your own sake to replace it by the Google
Earth view. Let’s consider the layer “Earth” as an example. If you keep it activated in
document, it will overlap ( and hide ) the image of Earth from Google Earth.
this increases the kmz file size and therefore the loading time
Google Earth.

The second: attribute tables are
to kmz format, so as to display the attributes when
on an entity in Google Earth.
Only let the attributes
of your interest be displayed, as risk of increasing
the size of the kmz file and slow
down the loading .

In the following link, you can find a video with the
procedure: un nouvel onglet)

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