How to load a Postgres / Postgis layer in ArcMap

To ensure that everything worked out fine, we will
load the new Postgres layer in ArcGIS.

Open ArcGis and the Catalog
window .  

click Add Database Connection.

At Database Platform select PostgreSQL.

Instance is the address of your
( in this example we use the local
server ).

In Authentication Type, select Database authentication.

Enter the Postgres username and password.

Check the Postgis Database, in this case, postgis_22_sample.

Click OK

A new connection appears in the Database connections

this connection you find
the tables included in
the postgres database , with the name of the database (postgis_22_sample), the database
(eg public) and the name of the table.  

For each geographical layer, you have two
occurrences: one for the table and another for the geographic

Click and drag the second occurrence of the layer that we
just created (ouessantclc_l93) to the legend window.

The layer appears in
ArcMap ( if everything worked ok ).

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6 Responses to How to load a Postgres / Postgis layer in ArcMap

  1. Ahmed Ismail Mohammed says:

    Is there a way to edit it ?

    • Honestly, I didn’t even try. I am tired of always having to look around the obstacles put in place by ESRI to discourage users from using opensource products.
      There must be a way, but I opted to use Qgis and only have to worry about doing my job properly.

  2. Byron says:

    I have tried endlessly to connect postgres database to arcmap pro, and still no luck. Any help???!

  3. Kristen says:

    This guide is way easier than ArcGIS official guide, which includes tons of jargons and makes things more complicated. Kudos to you

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