How to load a Postgres / Postgis layer in ArcMap

To ensure that everything worked out fine, we will
load the new Postgres layer in ArcGIS.

Open ArcGis and the Catalog
window .  

click Add Database Connection.

At Database Platform select PostgreSQL.

Instance is the address of your
( in this example we use the local
server ).

In Authentication Type, select Database authentication.

Enter the Postgres username and password.

Check the Postgis Database, in this case, postgis_22_sample.

Click OK

A new connection appears in the Database connections

this connection you find
the tables included in
the postgres database , with the name of the database (postgis_22_sample), the database
(eg public) and the name of the table.  

For each geographical layer, you have two
occurrences: one for the table and another for the geographic

Click and drag the second occurrence of the layer that we
just created (ouessantclc_l93) to the legend window.

The layer appears in
ArcMap ( if everything worked ok ).

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6 thoughts on “How to load a Postgres / Postgis layer in ArcMap

    1. Honestly, I didn’t even try. I am tired of always having to look around the obstacles put in place by ESRI to discourage users from using opensource products.
      There must be a way, but I opted to use Qgis and only have to worry about doing my job properly.

  1. This guide is way easier than ArcGIS official guide, which includes tons of jargons and makes things more complicated. Kudos to you

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