GIS teams
have been build up over time with more or less imposed tools, with work objectives not always allowing time enough for a strategic consideration. The imperatives and deadlines accumulate
and the feeling of no longer apprehending the alternatives offered
grows . How to fill the technical gaps ? how to optimize your work ?, we try but, at the same time, we are convinced that much more could be done faster and easier.

a geographical information
system involves a double activity : on one hand, the daily , systematic and repetitive
information management work; on the other side, strategic
consideration to adapt the tool and procedures to simplify and optimize the work time and
results obtained .
The problem arises when the first takes precedence over the second: being too much bury in by the routine tasks like a maniac to realize which are
the available possibilities for saving time and optimizing
the job.
Let’s state a GIS axiom : any routine task can be optimized by modifying the procedure, either through automation of all or a part of these procedures . If we do not optimize a procedure by lack of in depth knowledge of the software being used or because the cost / benefit ratio does not justify it.

Nowadays, the
coaching allows GIS to address this problem with new elements .

The first is
the magnitude of the work. Calls to external stakeholders
are usually done in the most important projects framework , including, mainly, teams, followed by consultation and rather heavy request procedures.
Coaching takes in charge most of the problems
individually and do not require large budgets .
The second refers to procedures updates.
The automatization of the management procedures is considered in the coaching context without
  “a priori” on the means for implementation. If
at first, the coach considers the means to optimize the
processes by making full use of the
possibilities of the GIS software in place, and study the possibility to set up additional tools
using software deals OpenSource software available, or , as a last resort , the complete development
of an executable .
Usually, this job does not take more than 4 or 5 hours to win one , two , or three hours work a day.

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