Installing the QGIS- Semi-Automatic Classification (SCP) v 8.0 plugin

This article describes the installation of version 8.0.3 of the QGis SCP (semi-automatic classification) plugin on a 64-bit Windows machine.

The new version of the QGis image classification plugin (SCP) is a little more complicated than previous versions. It’s not enough to install the plugin using the extension manager, you also need to check and install its dependencies, i.e. the libraries required for it to work properly.

The semi-automatic classification plugin requires Remotior Sensus, GDAL, NumPy and SciPy for most functionalities. Optionally, scikit-learn and PyTorch are required for machine learning.

Therefore, we need to install dependencies that are not included in the QGIS installation.

If you have installed the latest version of QGis, GDAL, NumPy and SciPy should be up to date, and you will only need to install Remotior Sensus, scikit-learn and PyTorch.

Installing dependencies.

Close QGIS if it is open.
In the Start menu, open OSGeo4W Shell (administration rights may be required);

 OSGeo4W Shell

Enter the following command:

pip3 install –upgrade remotior-sensus scikit-learn torch

If you need to install or upgrade other dependencies, use the same command (pip3 install –upgrade) followed by the dependency to be installed.

Installing the plugin

Install the plugin in the usual way:

  • Open the extension manager
  • Search for ‘SCP
  • Click on ‘Install extension

installing the scp plugin under QGis

You’ll find the QGis interface modified with the plugin’s tools:

scp interface in qgis

The plugin adds:

  • an SCP main menu
  • an SCP toolbar
  • an SCP dockable panel


The Remotior Sensus dependency is frequently updated. The semi-automatic classification plugin can automatically check if a new version is available, and display a message in the SCP dock.

update message for remotior sensus

We recommend that you close QGIS and update Remotior Sensus by following the same installation steps described above in Installing required dependencies .

Plugin configuration

Compared with previous versions, we recommend configuring the memory used by the plugin.

It is recommended to configure the available RAM to reduce processing time. In the SCP menu, select Settings > Processing

ram configuration for scp

In Settings, set Available RAM (MB) to a value corresponding to half the system RAM. For example, if your system has 16 GB of RAM, set the value to 8,192 MB.

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