Using Adobe Acrobat Reader DC with a Geographic PDF file created with ArcGis (Part 1)

We have already discussed how to use
Acrobat Reader for geographic data visualization ( How
to create
a Geographic PDF file with
). Since the new version of this
major changes , here is a new article devoted to the use of Adobe
Acrobat Reader DC.

You can download
version using the following link

Now, we will discuss how to run in Adobe
Acrobat Reader DC a PDF document created with ArcMap (version 10.3.1)

Open the document:

[ caption id =
“attachment_2722″ align = ” aligncenter ” width =

Screen of
the geographical PDF document with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
[ / caption]

Firstly, we will remove the right side tools panel,
on the menu View -> Show /
hide -> Panel Tools

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“attachment_2723″ align = ” aligncenter ” width =

the panel Tools display [ / caption]

To navigate the different available
geographical data displays, we will use the standard tools: selection, shift,

[ caption id =
“attachment_2724″ align = ” aligncenter ” width =

navigation tools [ / caption]

But, mostly, the browser layers
located in the left side of the window:

Page Thumbnail layer

The first one is the page Thumbnail

It allows you to choose the page
to be displayed , but, also, to position
the zoom window in the current page .

Click the Thumbnails icon to
display the thumbnails layer:

the zoom to display only
of the page. You will get
the display window on the thumbnail:

By clicking on the hand located
the lower right corner of the display window of
the thumbnail, you can change the size of the main
window display .

By clicking-moving the thumbnail
window display, you move the main
window display.

These tools allow
you to perform the same operations
as the standard tools zoom and move but in
a graphic mode .

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